We’re baaaaack…

Made it home yesterday around 5pm, after waking up early in Deer Lodge Montana to 36-degree temperatures, we bundled into all our warm clothes and were on the road by 6:45am.  By 11am we’d dropped elevation and gained lots of heat, so we shucked all the heated and fuzzy stuff and switched to mesh gear and lightweight clothes underneath. By the time we hit Hwy 97, it was nearing 90 degrees, the wind machines stood silently and unmoving at the top of the gorge, not a breath of breeze anywhere.  Darned hot welcome back, for sure!

Happy to be back in the desert!

Happy to be back in the desert!

Welcome it was though, the cats were very happy to see us (food sources are always welcome), and sleeping in our own bed was heaven! Now to laundry, and Mike has to clean the bikes and assess the damage.  I’ll still need a chain guard and probably a few other bits from my chain throwing experience, while Mike’s bike was fixed properly with a new guard and everything by the guys at Fun  n’ Fast.

I’ll be doing a wrap-up, with photos and links to everything here on the blog. Lots of details and fun stuff I was too tired to write about in the dailies.

Even though we had troubles, so many strangers came in and helped out that these troubles never turned into real problems. We didn’t make it to Labrador, but we did make it to our main goal of the most eastern point on the continent. Overall, an excellent journey!


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