Newfie Dictionary

This is Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellas, music and humor from Newfoundland.

This dictionary would have come in handy while we were on the island. The accent was so thick in some spots we really had trouble following along.

Funny thing was that most folks ‘dumbed down’ their accent when they talked to us, sort of like we were idiot children they had to be kind to. They’d say a sentence to me and I’d understand, then turn to their friend and speil off a set of words that were beyond my comprehension!

The sweetest was Jeff’s daughter asking us “Where ya bean ta?”. I asked her what she said and she got all shy. Jeff had to translate, “where did you go?”.

Shortest conversation in Newfoundland? Two fishermen, one says to the other “Yarn?”, the other answers “Narn.”  The first guy is asking if the fishing is good and if he’s caught anything, the other answers, nope, nothing today.

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