Santa Fe Day

Had an awesome day wandering around Santa Fe old town and the art studios of Canyon Road. This place is simply amazing!

It’s good there’s so much bright artwork, or the brown adobe and stucco would get pretty darned boring. But no chance of bored eyes in this place, everywhere you look are splashes of art or just a fun and funky flair that other places try but few actually pull off.

We started at the Palace of the Governors and the New Mexico History Museum. Portions of the Governor’s Palace were built in 1610, and the place oozes history — Spanish, Native American, Confederate and American stories all combine to give Santa Fe a varied and interesting past.

The attached History Museum is a beautiful and massive building also with tons of great displays. We could have easily spent the entire day here, but we needed to keep going to get at least a decent overview of the rest of the town.

Our next stop was the beautiful St. Francis Cathedral, which the current iteration is the 5th catholic church on this site. The “new” structure was completed in 1886, but also houses the chapel from the earlier La Parroquia Church, built in 1717.

The rest of our afternoon and evening was spent on Canyon Street gawking at the amazing art displays and beautiful buildings. This rabbit-warren of tiny old homes have been converted to art studios which house everything from a few boring curio shops to some amazing original artwork.

Every twist and turn of the road shows another view of dozens of different studios. Truly inspiring – with prices to match!

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