Walking around world’s end


We hiked to the top of Signal Hill today to check out Cabot Tower. This is where Marconi flew an antenna from a kite and received signals from England back in 1901. Great history, some medieval architecture and simply awesome views. The wind was brisk, giving us just a taste of what this place could throw at you on a bad day.

Our hike back took us on a cliff edge with views of the harbor, and a really neat progression of buildings from early 1900’s fishing shanties in the foreground to modern skyscrapers at the top of the St. John’s business district. Walking these tiny twisted streets, a pickup truck came down a hill towards us and we had to tuck in tightly to the rock wall, the driver went by slowly, calling out, “that’s mistletoe tree you’re under!”, so we did the right thing and smooched.

Back in the real world, we’d hoped bike parts would be in today, and everything would be ready by tomorrow, but my BMW sprocket and one part for Mike’s bike won’t be here until Monday morning, so we’ll be treating you all to a VERY thorough tour of St. John’s by the time we leave.

At least we’re stuck in a great location, and it’s not snowing (yet!).


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