State Fair Memories

I grew up with the state fair, living in Salem meant that getting there was easy, and parents were comfortable dropping their teenage charges off for an afternoon without worrying something awful would happen. It was always a bit bittersweet because the end of the fair meant the beginning of school, but it was a fun way to end our break.

In Jr. High and High School you’d always want to have a date take you to the fair, it meant you were cool enough to have a summertime boyfriend. I can remember going with my buddies and seeing other friends their with their boyfriends and being oh-so-jealous. It was the place to see and be seen.

My Junior and senior year I worked at the fair, it was two weeks of hot sweaty labor inside the Hefty Chef building, it’s gone now (along with all the other permanent eating establishments there), but used to house the largest fast food establishment there, serving the requisite greasy curly fries, fried burgers, fried everything. The only training we got was a half day of orientation learning the cash registers and the menu basics. Back then there was no food safety training, no safety training of any kind, I guess they figured if we’d survived this long around hot stoves at home, we’d be smart enough not to burn ourselves or our co-workers without any extra training.

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Prineville Car Show – 2013 Crook County Rodders

Mike is lucky enough to have some pretty neat businesses on his route, one of which is Ricky B’s Restoration. Rick and his gang of talented and slightly crazy employees do an impressive array of restoration work on old parts. Every year Ricky has a bunch of cars in the Rodders show, and also sponsors a huge barbeque at his house after the event, it all adds up to a very fun day.

This was our first year visiting the car show, so I didn’t know what to expect, I guess I was thinking probably quite a few older pickup trucks with flame paint jobs and nice rims from Les Schwab. Well, there were a few of those, but the quality, variety, and quantity of participants really blew us away. If you have a chance to attend the show next year, definitely do it. Added bonus? It’s free!

Gorgeous Orange

Gorgeous Orange

Cruz Oregon, sounds like a plan to me

Cruz Oregon, sounds like a plan to me

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BC falls awake, BMW Rally, etc.

I’ve obviously been on a summer brain break, as I’ve not blogged anything in forever. We haven’t been riding much, actually spent the last month of weekends ticking off major projects on the “honey-do” list. Garage loft painted, check. Shop “ugly” wall cedar sided and stained, check. Well, that’s really all, and it doesn’t sound like much here in print, but in real life it was a few epic weekends!

Speaking of epic, the National BMW rally is right here in our backyard this weekend, and I can’t tell you how many bikes I’ve seen with very far-flung license plates. Well I guess I can tell you, as I just did, so I lied at the beginning of that sentence, sorry about that.

Anyway, we’re going down on Saturday to gawk at the geek-rider goodies and hopefully finally throw a leg over a G650GS (which is really an 800). I’m hoping I don’t love it immediately, as big yeller has to hold out for another few years.

Today while studying, I heard BC at the other end of the sofa slip a bit, I grabbed the camera and actually shot video of him falling off the sofa. He’s still pissed as only a cat who’s been caught doing something un-graceful can be.

We’ve also been feeling like we’re trapped in Wildlife Safari this summer, with sightings of cougar, badger, osprey, and kestrel, along with some beautiful songbirds which I’m sure someone could identify – just not me!

Three day weekend? We’re riding to Salt Lake City!

The World Superbikes only land in the USA once this year, and we’ll be there!

Miller Motorsports Park just outside Salt Lake City is the venue. Lorrin and Sue attended last year and had such a great time they wanted us all to come with them this time.

We’re taking a couple of extra days, leaving Friday and returning on Tuesday. Racing is Saturday – Monday, with the main event on Monday. Saturday night is a concert with Styx, Foreigner and Kansas – all included in the cost of our tickets, can’t beat that!

We’re staying at the Raddisson near the airport, 52 bucks a night on Hotwire, can’t beat that either!

Updates and photos to come!

2009 Crooked River Ranch Steel Stampede


Pete, the CRR/Terrebonne Chamber, and the AHRMA gang put on another awesome event this year, with attendance way up from last time.

The track in the canyon

The track in the canyon

I spent a fun Saturday in the valley with Mom and the rest of the family while Mike stayed home and rode the trials.  Sunday we both hopped in the car for the 8-mile commute to the track.  We arrived to cold, clouds, and drizzle which looked like it could stay all day or open up and pour on us at any minute.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated incredibly well, and the soft rain quit by afternoon, leaving blue sky in its wake.

Racing was excellent, with many gates full of happy riders enjoying a well-designed track.

As usual, the bikes took a starring role, with many incredible machines to ooh and ahh over in the pits.

I took lots of pics with my little handheld camera, and some video too.  Photos are being uploaded to our flickr page (click above for the slideshow, or to the flickr bar on the right for individual images).

If anyone is interested in quality copies of anything you see, just give me a yell and we’ll work something out.