Devil’s Highway is heaven on two wheels

591 miles including 90 of it on the twisty section of 191.

Back in the good old days, there was a road in Arizona numbered 666. That might be one reason why it was nicknamed the Devil’s Highway, but after riding it, I think it has more to do with the road itself. Made up of untold masses of corners, steep grades and many 10mph corners, paired with the elevation and lack of any guardrails whatsoever, I can see how folks would end up cursing this stretch of road.

I honestly could not believe how many corners they pack in this 95 mile journey. Mike and I agreed it felt like all of the twisty roads in Oregon compacted into one, and then some!

We woke to rain in Panguitch Utah this morning, and rode the first few hours in everything from a torrential downpour to sprinkles. By late afternoon we’d raced ahead of the storm and even saw blue skies by the time we hit the fun part of the day.

Curve after curve after curve twists up and down through multiple valleys and peaks, every time we thought we’d be hitting the valley in Morenci, the short straightaway ended and another section of twisties presented itself. It was never ending, and demanded complete and focused attention at every turn.

This is one of those roads that really separates real riders from folks who enjoy taking a scoot down to the local coffee bar on Sunday and polishing their chrome the rest of the week.

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