Nothing Endures But Change. A visit to Bodie California

Bodie sits quietly at 8300′ above sea level. It wasn’t always this quiet, when the stamping mills were running in the 1880’s this place rang with a cacophony of sound 24 hours a day every day but Sunday. Plenty of folks called this place home, now it’s only home to a few park employees. It’s not a lonely place though, the multitudes of visitors from every corner of the world make sure of that.

There are plenty of ghost towns in the American west, but most that are still standing are made of brick, or are not true ghost towns, just places with fewer residents than they held in their heyday.

Bodie is strange for a few reasons, one, it’s made of wood and by all rights should have burned to the ground years ago. Two, not only are the buildings still standing, plenty of smaller and presumably more portable items are still visible inside the homes and businesses. School books, bottles, rusty shovels, tin cans, dishes, and beds, many, many beds.

Why did people leave all this stuff? The only way out of town was via toll roads, the less you carried the less you paid. People were leaving town because the mills and the mines weren’t paying, so they either didn’t have the money for the toll or wanted to save what money they had. So they left their stuff, and remarkably, plenty of it is still there.

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