Muscle Cars way out West

Spent some time Saturday evening at a barbecue for old car buffs. It’s amazing how many incredible private museums there are around, if you just know the right people.
Drive on in, there's room for a few more old rigs.T-bird tailThe main garageCool old ride-on Corvette toyCustom pinstripingExcellent old clock for defunct Bend radio station
Grandpa of the groupA few matchbox cars.AMX 360AMX badgeDSC00308Awesome Shark remote control car
More cool toysA couple of toysHomies figurinesLittle toy plane and buddyHood OrnamentNot sure if you'll get gas here, but there's beer in the fridge
DelBilt Custom boatDelBilt custom boat'32 pickup with a few modsBill and Pete throw jokes back and forthAn honest-to-goodness "tin" roof

Muscle Cars way out West, a set on Flickr.


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