A lesson in aging gracefully

Slideshow of all the pictures

Mike meets plenty of cool people while he’s out and about delivering packages. Today we got to spend some time with one of Mike’s cool customers, and get the VIP tour of his shop and yard. Beyond a simple collection of beautiful old cars, this amazing location houses a variety and quantity of parts, rare tools, and random antiques. It was an awesome time, and I’m really glad we got to share it with some good friends.

We were thinking about riding, but the weather made us all into four-wheeled wimps.

80 years old, busy rebuilding the lower end on the Dodge.

Specialized tools are everywhere. Here they wait in a bin like umbrellas.

Of course it runs!

Need a bolt?

Know what this is?

It's for testing what came in this box

Mike's thinking this ratchet might be a bit of overkill for working on the bikes.

Need Parts?

Maybe a typewriter?

Victorian Pram?

Time to head outside and see what other goodies we can find.

Grumpy grill.

Somehow, I can't imagine clicking pictures of a Kia in 70 years and thinking it's art.

A little Chrysler Fire Power under the hood.

This one's a little happier.

Give me a good camera and a few hours out here and I'd be a very happy girl.

Need parts?

I don't know what color it used to be, but it's awfully pretty now.

Look long enough, you'll find your knight in shining armor.


Sweet suicide doors.

Lines and curves that never saw a CAD design team or safety engineers.

All the bells and whistles.

I can't imagine being able to take a quick glance at this one while driving down the road.

I think 110mph may be optimistic.

Fresh Air has a winter option, I wonder if it pre-heated the air?

Thank you Ron for letting us spend time with you and your incredible collection today.


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