Hiking to Ramona Falls

Since Mike’s on the walking disabled list, we decided to do some hiking this weekend. I’d been looking through my paltry hiking book collection and come up with a few options, one of them was Ramona Falls near ZigZag. It’s about a 7 mile round-trip hike, with some elevation gain on the way in, making the way back easier, sounds perfect to me!

We did the loop counter-clockwise, starting on the PCT section that allows horses, this is the “less pretty” route, and I figured since I’d be huffing and puffing I wouldn’t really be enjoying much anyway, so we’d take the trail that follows the creek on the way back. I think this worked out really well, and would probably recommend it, especially since your entrance to the falls, and your first view of them from this direction is simply stunning.

A really neat way to spend the morning, and we were very happy to have gotten up early as we encountered way too many hikers on our return journey. Getting there at noon would give you a much more crowded experience than arriving at 7am.


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