BC falls awake, BMW Rally, etc.

I’ve obviously been on a summer brain break, as I’ve not blogged anything in forever. We haven’t been riding much, actually spent the last month of weekends ticking off major projects on the “honey-do” list. Garage loft painted, check. Shop “ugly” wall cedar sided and stained, check. Well, that’s really all, and it doesn’t sound like much here in print, but in real life it was a few epic weekends!

Speaking of epic, the National BMW rally is right here in our backyard this weekend, and I can’t tell you how many bikes I’ve seen with very far-flung license plates. Well I guess I can tell you, as I just did, so I lied at the beginning of that sentence, sorry about that.

Anyway, we’re going down on Saturday to gawk at the geek-rider goodies and hopefully finally throw a leg over a G650GS (which is really an 800). I’m hoping I don’t love it immediately, as big yeller has to hold out for another few years.

Today while studying, I heard BC at the other end of the sofa slip a bit, I grabbed the camera and actually shot video of him falling off the sofa. He’s still pissed as only a cat who’s been caught doing something un-graceful can be.

We’ve also been feeling like we’re trapped in Wildlife Safari this summer, with sightings of cougar, badger, osprey, and kestrel, along with some beautiful songbirds which I’m sure someone could identify – just not me!


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