Weekend (and Week-long!) Update

Weekend Update – September 19

Now that we’re back on track and I have internet access, I’ll tell you what we’ve been up to the past week!

We thought we had everything dialed and that all our parts would be in by Monday or Tuesday to Fun n’ Fast in St. John’s. Unfortunately, two things let us down, first is Sprocket Specialists, who told me they’d be able to rush an order through in a day then ship the following day still hadn’t even finished making the sprocket for my bike, second, the external oil pipe needed for Mike’s bike had been shipped like promised from Komo’s in Maine was in Postal Service limbo. We traced it to Canadian customs, then nothing. We canceled the Sprocket Specialists order and got a stock sprocket from Atlantic Motor Supply, a BMW dealer in Halifax.

Our other problem was we were out of time at our Extended Stay Hotel, and they were booked solid for the next 5 days. We searched and found only one hotel in the area with a room, a place in Mt. Pearl called the Greenwood Manor. They came and picked us up, which was nice. Unfortunately, that was the nicest thing about the place. It was a smoky dive of a place, and get this, the room had a bathtub but NO SHOWER! Really! Can you believe it? We couldn’t either, but beggars can’t be choosers, so we were stuck. One night and we requested a different room for the second night, fortunately they did have a little cabin available, which lacked smoke smell and included a shower. Perfect! Only one night available here, then we’d have to find something else for Monday night if the parts didn’t show up.

My sprocket showed up on Monday, but still no Kawie parts. No change in the tracking info with Canada Post either. Now we were without parts, and without a place to stay. Mike found out about a B&B down the street from our ugly motel, he walked down to the Tree House Suites and talked to Ralph, the owner. Unfortunately they didn’t have a room for us, but Ralph drove Mike all over Mt. Pearl to the Post Office and the Customs department to try and find the package. During this time, I was on the computer and phone and found one single B&B with one single room in St. John’s, I’m pretty sure it was the last room in town!

Ralph returned with Mike, and insisted on taking us to our B&B downtown. I couldn’t believe the kindness! He wouldn’t take any money for his time and trouble. Amazing!

The Narrows B&B was fine, a room with its own bath and a comfortable bed. Breakfast was good, but at $125 a night, we’d break the bank if we stayed more than one night.

The next morning we called Jeff at Fun n’ Fast, and still no Kawie part. After checking the tracking number (no updates), Jeff insisted we spend the night at his house instead of spending more money elsewhere. He’d been asking all week, and although we hated to impose, we took him up on the offer. He came and got us during his lunch hour and gave us his car to use until the shop closed at 5:30.

After work, he drove us to his place near Witless Bay on the other side of the harbor. His home sits at the top of the hill looking down on the bay. An amazing view! His wife treated us like family, and we were instantly comfortable.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We ended up spending the night again the following night. By this time, we found out the Kawie part had probably gotten stuck on a boat instead of on the plane after customs, so wouldn’t arrive for at least a week! The owner of Fun n’ Fast took a new Versys off the floor and robbed the part from it. Jeff and the gang worked like fiends and finished the work, getting us on on the road by 10am.

Next problem, the ferry from Port au Basques (500 miles away) was full that night. I made reservations for the following 11am trip, still hoping that we could show up for will call and get on the 11pm boat.

We waved goodbye to the awesome team at Fun n’ Fast, and thought we’d be waving goodbye to our problems too…

So, what else happened?

I’ll finished the story tomorrow, it’s too late tonight and we’ve got to get to bed!


One thought on “Weekend (and Week-long!) Update

  1. Sorry sbout all oury troubles but it sounds like you are having a good time. Mike, I’m baking blueberry scones tomorrrow. Sorry you’r not here.

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