This was an ‘easy’ day?

We scheduled today as a short day, with a nice (cheap) stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Moncton New Brunswick.  We got in early, and started planning for tomorrow, which will be semi-epic. By the time we got done eating dinner and writing down every possible bit of info we’ll need, it’s after 9pm. and time to hit the hay.

We’ll be leaving here early in the morning and heading for Cabot Trail, after riding the loop, we’ll drop down to Sydney and wait patiently until our 1am (yep, AM!) crossing to Newfoundland. Cross your fingers that we’ll be able to get a couple of the coveted “sleeping chairs” or we’ll be some tired puppies when we debark 7 hours later!

Off to bed now for some much-needed sleep. Todays ride was pretty boring, so sorry, no pictures worth printing!

Thanks to everyone that’s been keeping up with us and commenting – I’m sorry I’ve been so lax replying to emails, but heck, I haven’t even called Mom in 5 days!


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