Day, uh, four? Really, is that all? No kidding.

We are behind schedule, but it feels like we’ve been gone much longer than four days. Don’t know how those to facts jibe, but it is what it is.

We left our quiet motel this morning at around 7:40, this time the late start was on purpose, as we’d been warned the next leg of the ride would include lots of furry creatures bent on destruction. By waiting until a little later in the AM, we’d have a better chance of missing them.

Sun shone softly through mist rising off the hundreds of lakes we rode by. The flowers and birch trees were still dappled with dew well into the early afternoon, not something we’d see in the dry air of Central Oregon.

We’d be traveling between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, but I figured the majority of our views would be trees. Unfortunately I was right, but pretty little towns and some farmland dotted the landscape to keep it from being completely boring.


Tonight Mike found us another quiet, cheap motel at the edge of Marquette, and tomorrow we’re Canada bound!


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