Minnesota, eh?

The planets aligned, all our ducks were in a row, and we were on the road at 7am!

Riding down the highway as the sun broke over the hills and worked its way free of the morning haze was really special. I do love this time of morning, I just wish it didn’t happen so early in the day.

We waved goodbye to Montana, and hello to North Dakota, which surprised me with varied and quite pretty terrain.  At  noon, we pulled into the Open Road Honda shop in Bismark, we wanted to get that master link replaced with a rivet link (to make Pam feel better), and also we’d noticed a broken bolt on my skidplate. It’s was a weird 8mm shaft bolt that was nearly 9″ long, unusual because it’s really dumb to have any bolt that size be so long.  Shawn in the parts department went over and above the call of duty, calling all around for us, finally finding a bolt dealer that had threaded stock that would do the trick. Mike went and picked it up, then brought it back, they rolled my little yellow piggie into the shop and had the link replaced and the bolt created and looking like new in less than an hour.

We expected about a $100 bill, were only charged $37, and Shane gave us two t-shirts to boot!  Absolutely above-and-beyond service from an excellent dealership. If you’re ever in the area, look them up http://www.openroad-honda.com

Rolling down the highway is sort of relaxing, if you can ignore the aches and pains that come from sitting in one position for extended periods of time.  I listen to my music, watch out for dead skunks and think philosophical thoughts. We both wear Camelbak backpacks, so there is the option of a long cool drink of lemonade, but hunger has to wait to be taken care of until the next gas stop.

Tonight we’re in the cutest little motel in Detroit Lakes (!) Minnesota.  I’m so ready for sleep, my eyes are drooping and it’s time for bed.  Night all!


2 thoughts on “Minnesota, eh?

  1. Wow, lucky break (pun int.) on the chain incident ! could have been so different. Proves you’re living right. Great distances…Mike, try them fancy shorts yet or holding out for the return? Be safe….inspect your tires nightly. Can’t wait for Cabot trail video. tm

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