Whoo, hoo, livin’ on the Chain Gang

Got started this morning at around 7:30 (yes, we wanted to get going at 6:30) and continued down I90. Our goal was Dickinson ND, a butt-busting 615 miles away.  About 30 miles out of town, we were cruising along at 80mph when I heard a loud POP! and the engine rpm raised as the bike slowed. I quickly pulled in the clutch and chopped the throttle, jabbed on the turn signal and coasted to a stop by the side of the road.

I really thought I’d blown 6th gear or something horredous.  Fortunately, I’d just lost a masterlink.  Mike ran back and picked up the chain from the middle of the road.  We surveyed the damage, one chain guard gave its life to save the case and assorted other tender fragile components, and that was it. Whew! After locating a new masterlink, we were back together and ready to ride.  We’ll keep a close eye on the link, and hopefully find an open shop in the next few days where we can get a pressed link installed.

We’d lost some time, and by 7pm we were still 100 miles from our target.  I was getting tired and was at the point of telling myself stories to stay alert (Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, but don’t tell anyone, okay??), when Mike signaled and took the exit for Miles City.

So, here we are in a Motel 6 in pretty little Miles City.  Not as far as we wanted to be, but happy healthy and ready to roll again tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Whoo, hoo, livin’ on the Chain Gang

  1. The photos were amazing. What caused the semi fire or do yo know? Butt busting is right – 615 miles in a regular vehicle is butt busting. Glad that nothing major happened to your bike and that you were able to piece it back together. Drive safe. Tell the brown guy that I am on vacation tomorrow through the 7th, but will check your site again for updated happenings between now and then. My best to you both and ride safe. Debi

  2. I can barely do 600 miles in a car, much less trying to stay awake on a bike. Of course, I guess fear of going 80 miles an hour might keep me more alert. Have a great time!
    Judy and the Flower Girls

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