Finalized the trip plan, finally!

Only 600 miles a day, piece of cake!

Only 600 miles a day, piece of cake!

Here it is, 5 days of pain to get through to the fun stuff on the other side of the country.

Day 1 Missoula MT, Day 2 Dickinson ND, Day 3 Duluth MN, Day 4 Blind River Ontario, Day 5 Quebec City, Day 6 Moncton New Brunswick, Day 7 Sydney Nova Scotia, Day 8 (overnight ferry ride from Sydney to Port Aux Basques Newfoundland) Unknown destination, Day 9 St. Johns Newfoundland.

On the road at the crack of dawn, and doing at least 550 miles a day until we hit Quebec City, then we can take it a little easier from there on out.  St. John’s is our main destination, after that, we have side trips planned (a trip up the Labrador coast as far as the road will take us, Cabot Trail, etc).

You can follow us here, I’ll be posting as often as possible, and adding photos to the Flickr account (click on any photo in the right-hand column to go to flickr).

We plan to take off Saturday morning just after daybreak. Any bets on how late it’ll be when we actually pull out of the driveway?

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