Alaska 2008 – Day 6, July 9

Day 6, July 9

Watson Lake to Whitehorse YT

277 miles

While stopping on the Skeena river yesterday and checking out the native dip net fishing platforms we found ourselves surrounded by a flock of Suzuki V-Stroms. The entire gang was touring Alaska, with some of the group only going for a short haul, and others taking more time. We had a great time talking to Pedro, who was originally from South America. We waved goodby and were on our way.

Today I learned something new. Don’t ever stay at a motel that requires you to check in at the Bar. I think another good point to remember is to never stay at a motel in the north of Canada with a Mexican name. And I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure the Casa Loma Motel and Bar isn’t in the AAA book, since AAA doesn’t give out negative diamond ratings. Yes, it was bad, unfortunately it wasn’t the worst place we stayed!

To its benefit, the room was clean, the people were nice, and it was dry. Whereas our other option was to tent camp in a downpour. So given the options, it was the Taj Mahal.

We weren’t the only dumb motorcyclists stuck at the Casa Loma. Soon after we pulled in, here came Pedro and part of his gang, dripping wet and laughing about the four-star accommodations. We also ended up at the same place for dinner, and had fun swapping stories and plans.


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