Alaska 2008 – Day 3, July 6


Day 3, July 6

Cache Creek BC to Burns Lake BC

415 miles

A fast ride through small towns have all blurred together in my mind, we left the high desert hills of Cache Creek and rode into open meadows and green fields. We thought we’d find a place in Prince George, but this midsize town had very few amenities for the traveler. A quick stop at the A&W (don’t ask Mike about the Tim Horners restaurants!) for late lunch, then on to Burns Lake.

Initially prospects here looked bleak, as the tree planting gangs had all the cheap rooms booked up. Even if spots were available, the homemade campers and old beater trucks in the parking lots kept us moving. We finally found a newer place, the Sunshine. We were happy when they told us the restaurant next door was open late, and frustrated when we found it had closed 10 minutes before our arrival! I guess our idea of ‘late’ is different!

A hike down to a small Chinese restaurant garnered a decent meal, and we went to bed after 10:30, still waiting for the sun to completely set.


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