Alaska 2008 – Day 24, July 27

Day 24, July 27

Swan Lake to Gardiner MT

380 miles

It’s hot, and there’s very little ventilation in our room. We wake up sweaty, but better rested than if we’d spent the night in the tent.

Breakfast is incredible. There’s actually a menu and you get to choose from three different options. I have the typical bacon, eggs, etc. and its all cooked to perfection. Mike goes up front and talks to the owner, she asks where he’s from and he tells her Terrebonne, she asks where in Terrebonne, and he says “you probably won’t know”, she says “try me!”. It turns out that not only does she know the area, she’s very good friends with Don Matthews who’s one of our neighbors!

We promise to say hi for her, and pack up and are on our way.

At lunch we make reservations in Gardiner, Mike finds a place that’s cheaper than anything else in town, but it sounds good, so we go for it.

I don’t remember much about the ride to Gardiner, I just remember I was very happy the hotel was modern and had air conditioning. My heart wants to keep traveling forever, but my brain and body are tired. I’m not enjoying this like I should, little things I can usually disregard are getting in the way. Some day, I’ll learn to ignore the little stuff, but right now the little stuff seems big.

Mike has gotten his second (or third or fourth) wind, and he’s ready to keep exploring. A few days ago he wanted to just bee line for home. I still want to travel, but when I’m on the bike, all I can think about are soft cool beds and long deep sleeps!


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